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“Macon (population: 100,000) sits about 90 miles from downtown Atlanta. Its streets are named for Southern hardwoods. Antebellum and Victorian mansions rub up against each other in the historic district and some roads are still paved with brick.

You might recognize this juncture as the place where I-75 traffic begins to creep. Macon may live at a slower pace than metro Atlanta, but it’s a welcome slow. If you’ve never been, or haven’t been in a while, let fall be your ticket out….”

…Before my mother and I left for Montana, I said I was going on a Montana road trip: Montana was my Point B, my destination. But as we began our journey home, I started to wonder if maybe Point B is not really what a trip is all about…When it comes to travel, the coming back is never really considered or discussed, though that is exactly when the emotions and experiences begin to be digested. It is when what happened begins to be understood, or rather, when you begin to understand that something might have happened…

“The VCU Cabell First Novelist Award celebrates its 10th anniversary this month with a festival spanning two evenings, November 15-16. The award was the idea of VCU professor and novelist Tom De Haven, who came up with the idea to “bring in a first novelist” after finding that the students in his year-long novel writing workshop for the MFA in Creative Writing program finished the course with lingering questions like: “What happens now?” and “How do I get my book published?””

“SCADpad began as a conversation: how can the arts change the world? How can a field so many find fluffy, highbrow and irrelevant contribute to larger global conversations in a world increasingly dominated by science, technology, engineering and math? (STEM, if you will.)

The world we live in is changing — rapidly and radically. In the past decade, people have been moving into cities at a rate that has not been seen since the Industrial Revolution of the Westernized world (that was the 18th-19th centuries, y’all). Global population is increasing, resources are decreasing, and climate change is a major issue. Basically, hold onto your hat because the 21st century is looking to be more than just a bumpy ride.

Unless we change.”

Web Column: From VA to GA: Aquarium Explorations

“…I’m usually not a fan of places where wild animals are kept in captivity for us to ogle (read: zoos and aquariums), but the Georgia Aquarium is like the Empire State building in NYC—you just have to go your first time in the city. As a newcomer, it was definitely one of those things I had to do in my “I’m still a tourist” phase, especially with my birthday in this quarter. Fun fact: Georgia residents get free admission to the Georgia Aquarium on their birthday. Since I have yet to change my driver’s license, I had to show a copy of my lease, but that’s $30 I didn’t have to pay, and yes, the Dolphin Show was still included…”